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RV at last!

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Today we settled on an RV that will hopefully suit us for the next year.  After spending the last few days travelling north, east, south and west of Los Angeles looking at private and dealers, decided to go with Cruise America’s ex rental 24ft 2008 Majestic.  It was a bit over what he had intended to spend but with a warranty of five years on the drive train and transmission we felt it gave us reasonable peace of mind.  The private vans we looked at were 10 years older and although a lot cheaper, they would been fine for a shorter trip but we just didn’t have the confidence of how they would hold out on a longer trip.  The dealer’s vans that we looked at were really tacky and we wouldn’t have touched them with a barge pole.

Our RV is just waiting on getting an awning fitted, and Cruise America do a 120 point maintenance programme and generally tidy up the vehicle before it goes out.  We did a pre-purchase check this morning, and there were only a few things which we felt needed attending to and they were very cosmetic – like new curtains, replacing the shelves in the fridge and fixing a drawer.

The good thing is that our mate Frank (the salesman) is throwing in a whole heap of the personal kits that they send out with rentals – so we will have 4 sets of towels, sheets, blankets, a full crockery set and outside chairs.  We went to Camping World this afternoon and got a few more things that we need like an outdoor BBQ, as the only thing that we don’t have with the van is an oven, and an inverter so that we can hopefully run laptops without having a generator going.

It has been a real challenge doing battle on the freeways, it feels like we have been on every one on the region.  The sheer speed and volume of traffic means that you have to have your wits about you all the time, especially when you have six lanes going in one direction with cars changing lanes with very little warning.  We couldn’t have done it without the GPS though, what a marvellous tool for getting you from A-B without too much aggro.   We have one final challenge on Wednesday and that will be hitting the freeway in a big van – the lanes feel quite narrow enough in a car so the first few miles will be quite scary.  The further south we go though the traffic should get lighter and we have set ourselves a short drive of only about 80 miles to our first campsite.

One thought on “RV at last!

  1. Fantastic to hear that you finally have your wheels…. Happy travels..!!!
    Pleased you went with the newer ex rental though.. ;o)

    Just had a look at them on the Cruise America website and they look quite nice.

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