Jillian & Bob

European adventures 2017



We have arrived.  Great flight and as it was only half full we both got sky couches – sheer bliss to be able to stretch out and get around 6 hours sleep.

Immigration was an even greater surprise – we were out of the terminal in 30 mins and 2 hours early for our rental car pickup.  Getting to our hotel was a bit more of a mission – Jillian got left and right mixed up on the map so we ended up missing the freeway and travelling down the  ordinary streets instead but we finally got to our abode and have been out and bought our GPS and phone.

It is just on 4 hours since we arrived and coming up for 6pm so will head out shortly for some food – we are in a very latino neighbourhood so there are some interesting choices available – but Peruvian is just over the road so that is where we will head for.

Tomorrow we start our RV quest.

3 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. So pleased you both arrived OK, and it all seemed smooth sailing so far. Hope you find an RV that suits and look forward to hearing more xxxx

  2. So pleased that you had a comfortable flight and a couch each!! Very fortunate. Hope the RV hunting will go blissfully as well. I guess you will be on the hunt now. No doubt the GPS will be of great assistance for keeping you on track. All the best. Cheers Murray & Trish.

  3. Wow..so the adventure begins , looking forward to your pics an updates…good luck to you both and hope RV Search goes well.

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